This isn’t new. I’ve been doing it for a while.

Writing about craft beer and local brewers has been a passion of mine for decades. I’ve tried many different online writing formats and concepts, some successful and some that fell flat. Now I’ve just decided to quit trying to package my work and just put it out there plainly as what it’s always been: The North Texas Beer Blog.

This isn’t meant to be a craft beer news or happenings resource; others do a much better job at keeping up with current events than I can. Nor is this a beer review site, as we have more than enough of those. This content is a semi-objective viewpoint into and analysis of the craft beer and related industries from the perspective of the almighty consumer.

I make no special claims of brewing or business expertise, only writing about craft beer in North Texas almost as long as it has been brewed here. I’ve experimented with homebrewing at times, judged homebrew competitions as a BJCP Certified Judge, and published columns, articles and books about local craft beer. Otherwise, the content included here is just my personal view as an informed fan.

For any of my previous content (which may find its way into the current content as appropriate):

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